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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy, is disorder of movement, hearing, learning, seeing, thinking most of the problem occurs before the child is born due to infection of brain or injuries caused to brain or premature birth can also lead to infections or bleeding. Due to damaged brain the children suffers from impaired movement .

Cerebral palsy is often associated with the abnormal development of brain some portion of brain may also gets damaged due to the lack of oxygen supply and poor blood supply or internal bleeding .The cause for the cerebral palsy is mainly genetic cause some times brain malfunction, maternal infection and fever is the cause for the cerebral palsy though it is difficult to pinpoint exact cause.

This brain damage cannot be recovered with conventional treatments available. For the children suffering from cerebral palsy who struggling to live the normal life. stem cells therapy has come up as the new ray of hope. from ability to give rise to healthy neurons these stem cells can also has a unique ability to identify and repair in the affected area. stem cells are also responsible for creation of environment in which secretion of hormones for faster repair and regeneration of affected area.

How stem cell therapy works in treatment of cerebral palsy?

The stem cell therapy emerged as the ray of hope for the cerebral palsy patient the treatment is very beneficial for the betterment of patient’s life stem cell therapy uses technique called neurogenesis in which the stem cells repair the damage caused to the brain and help the brain to function properly by maintaining the flow of blood to the brain and the oxygen supply is also checked these procedure helps the brain tissue to regenerate and function properly as the new brain tissues are developed the patients can feel the changes in daily activity and the self confidence of the patient.

Changes you will observe after therapy

  • All the symptoms of cerebral palsy including slurring of speech, self confidence, walking deficiency are gone.
  • Improvement in balance, posture and movement .
  • Better co-ordination in the body parts
  • Better communication skill.


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