13-year-old Omani Patient Undergoes Successful Stem Cell Therapy Autism in India

Saleh Al Harthy from Oman


I am Saleh Al Harthy from Oman and I brought my 13-year-old son Mahamed for his Autism Treatment with this Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India. My son was diagnosed with Autism when was 3 years old. We couldn’t find any other medication or treatment, since that time he is going through rehabilitation in 2 special schools in Oman, where they teach him how to speak, how to behave and all.

We came across many types of alternative treatment options for Autism and try to understand about them through the internet and we found out that there is hope for Autism treatment and that hope is with Stem Cell Therapy. We tried to find out which country they are providing stem cell treatment and found out that India is the best option for this. So, we contacted this Best Stem Cell Therapy Hospital in India and we were able to their team, who helped us arranging the formalities and guided us through each step very clearly towards getting the treatment with them. 

They assisted us with medical opinion, provided us with all the treatment plan and guided us on the treatment schedule in advance so that we can prepare and travel accordingly. They even helped and guided us with the visa process and after everything is arranged we finally arrived at this Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India.

After our awesome welcome at the hospital, we had a consultation with the treating team of Top Stem Cell Doctors and they explained us everything again and then my son went under pre-treatment workup and investigation and the procedure was planned for next day. My son went through the successful stem cell treatment for Autism and everything was good though as he is a child he was crying a bit. However, rest everything turned smooth and went well as expected. One hour after the procedure my son was normal. Next day we cannot find any abnormality or issue with him due to the procedure and he was able to eat properly. The treatment went successful and next 2 days was the follow-up days for him.

After 3 days of the treatment, we find our son more active and we hoped those are the positive signs after treatment. So right from the start till now, everything went smooth and we are happy and fully satisfied with the Best Stem Cell Treatment in India for Autism which we received. I had many friends who were looking to try this Affordable Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in India and after seeing the results and success of my son’s case, I had already referred this Top Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India to them.


Saleh Al Harthy, Oman

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