27-year-old Patient from Oman Underwent Successful Autism Stem Cell Treatment in India

Hilal Ali Al-Rawahi from oman


Assalamu Alaikum everyone, my name is Hilal Ali Al-Rawahi and I am from the Sultanate of Oman. I went to this Stem Cell Therapy Center in India with the aim to get the Affordable Stem Cell Treatment for Autism.

My son who is 27 years old is suffering from Autism since he was 7. We tried so many treatments in Oman and outside of Oman as well until I came to know about Stem Cell Treatment in India. And one of my friend in Oman recommended me this Stem Cell Centre in India for my Son’s Autism treatment as he had already came here for the treatment of his 13 year old Autistic Son and he even got good results post treatment.

Based on his experience and recommendation, I contacted this center and had a quite number of correspondence with the team until I made a decision to bring my Son to India for the treatment. They assisted us with visa support and logistics arrangement and we arrived safely to the hospital.

The stem cell hospital in New Delhi was very good with all the latest world-class facilities and experienced staff. The doctors were very co-operative and helpful. As soon as we arrive, we had a long consultation with the treating team of doctors and after that they started all the pre-treatment investigations and evaluations and scheduled the treatment for next day as planned.

Next day, by the grace of Almighty Allah, the treatment went well without any complications and everything went smooth as informed. My son was very relaxed and calm post treatment which we can see an immediate response to Stem Cell Treatment for Autism and as advised we can expect a lot more results in upcoming days.

We hope with the help of Almighty, my son will get cure soon, Insha’Allah. I am thankful to the whole team of Stem Cell Therapy in India for providing such a wonderful care and excellent treatment to my son and we are very happy with our overall experience.


Hilal AL-Rawahi, Oman

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