Stroke Patient from the UK

Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

I came from England to India for my daughter’s treatment. I have an 38-year-old daughter Clara, who had a stroke in the year 2014. As I focus on 2015, it affected her right side and she can’t sit, can’t talk or even walk. She lost the control of, you know, her neck. Sometimes when we didn’t know about the treatment, I mean what should be done to get back her in good health, we were browsing the internet and found this medical care provider in India. I just made an inquiry about whether it was possible to get a treatment for stroke in India? And we got a response, they asked us to fill in the inquiry form and sent it back to them. They reverted back to us in quite some time and told us that it was indeed possible to get a treatment for stroke in India. They told us about the stem cell procedure and also explained to us regarding the detailed plan. We arrived in India and they took us to a hospital that was very impressive as it was well-equipped and quite hygienic. We had to stay in the hospital for about 14 days. The very next day, they started the tests and on the third day, they performed the stem cell procedure. Since then I noticed that her improvement was getting better as she wasn’t stiff anymore because now she seemed more relaxed. The first-day post procedure, she was able to stand up with the help of the cast for full five minutes and then her condition was progressing.

The physical therapist was exercising her body and hands such that now she is feeling much better. I am actually used to seeing the improvement in her knees that used to be very, very stiff and now it’s better. Even though she is still experiencing some pain but now I get to know about her condition and what all needed to be done for treating her condition well. The medical staff and the doctor here was actually quite encouraging. The tests we did in England couldn’t capture the actual condition, but the tests that we performed in India showed the actual condition so that we could be able to start with the treatment immediately. After considering all the improvements in my daughter till now, I am very positive about the stem cell treatment and happy for my daughter’s treatment. I would recommend anyone considering this treatment to get it done in India.

Mariaolsen, UK

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