Justin Rogers

Stroke Patient from the USA

Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

I was living in a constant fear of falling. the particularly difficult phase for me and my family. One day my wife came to know about her friend who received stem cell treatment for stroke in India and was able to drive his car. My wife internet for further information and came across the website of this healthcare consultants and received a call from them asking for my medical reports. They told us they treatment options after consulting with their panel of experts. After giving them the current treatment details, they assisted us with the travel arrangements.

Soon we reached India and the surgeon explained to us everything about the treatment in a person who cleared all our worries. During recovery, my wife and the medical attendants were right by my side and needs. After I regained my consciousness, I was able to feel my mouth and my legs again. Words came back a bit by bit and now my pronunciation is clear. Now, my wife took care of all my needs and help me and I feel much better. Also, I am no longer afraid of falling and I enjoy socializing again.

I am extremely delighted for undergoing the stem cell treatment through this healthcare consultant in India. I will highly recommend this healthcare consultant to anyone who is looking for any kind of Medical Help in India.

Justin Rogers, USA

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