stem cell therapy for stroke in india

Stem Cell Therapy For Stroke

Stroke is considered as a fatal condition in which there is deprived or no blood and nutrient supply to a part of the brain due to obstruction in the blood flow to the brain due to deposition.

The deprived condition is caused due to the deprived blood supply or internal bleeding. This condition is like a sudden attack when a blood clot blocks the pathway of blood or there is a leak in the artery or any interruption in the blood flow to the brain can cause stroke condition. During the stroke, there is no blood supply to the certain parts of the brain due to which the brain cells begin to die. when brain cells die during stroke it affects the functioning of body parts controlled by that part of the brain.

There are very fatal results of stroke depending upon the part of the brain which is affected by the stroke or how much is the damage caused to the brain due to the stroke. Small strokes may result in minor conditions like a pain in legs and arms, a major stroke may result in paralysis or sometimes death.

There are many reasons for the stroke mainly the reason is a clot formation or leakage of arteries this is due to an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of healthy diet and exercise is the absolute reason that may lead to clot formation the cloth is formed due to thrombus formation or fatty tissue deposit.

Symptoms Of Stroke

  • Sudden lightheadedness or a stumble while walking
  • Difficulty in speaking as well as in understanding
  • Numbness
  • Difficulty in balancing the body
  • Slurring and confusion while speaking
  • Blurred vision
  • A severe headache

If the condition of stroke is not treated properly they may lead to severe brain damage and permanent disability. For proper treatment, the patients may reach the hospital as early as possible on the visibility of the first symptom.

There are some drawbacks of conventional treatment for stroke but due to advanced medical techniques and introduction of stem cell therapy for treatment of stroke, the treatment is now easier and more precise due to the specification of stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy For Treatment Of Stroke :

Stem cells are known to have a various application in Stroke. They are known to have the property of neurogenesis (regeneration of the damaged portion of the brain) and ultimately bring about a significant repair and cure of symptoms. The introduction of these cells improves blood, oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain (improved supply), replaces damaged neurons to a new one and stimulates the formation of the new arteries. Improvement is reached through repair of the damaged or lost (impaired) neuron connections and formation of the new neuronal network; quick brain reactions through improvement of synaptic signal transmission and development of the new neuron network.

Results After The Therapy

  • Improved balance
  • A headache is gone
  • Improvement in Sensorimotor symptoms
  • Weakness and equilibrium problems are gone
  • No confusion or slurring in speech.


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