Martin Anakula

Muscular Dystrophy Patient from Kenya

Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

Hello, I am Martin, 40 years from Kenya. I came to India for stem cell treatment for muscular dystrophy. One fine day, I noticed having difficulty in breathing and also started experiencing weakness in my facial muscles affecting my speech. I also started feeling weakness in my arms and legs. After visiting my local hospital, my doctor asked me to undergo lab tests and later on I diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. My doctor told me to undergo stem cell treatment. But the heavy expenses incurred for this treatment made me look for a cost-effective treatment. I came across many websites of a medical group in Singapore, Thailand, India, etc. offering cost-effective stem cell treatment. Unable to decide whom to consult, one of my friends recommended your medical group in India as his relative had visited India and had a wonderful experience with the quality of service and care while undergoing treatment in India.

I contacted your group and got back a response from them within 48 hours. The executive sounded quite friendly and asked me to send my medical reports. He explained to me about the entire procedure and what I shall expect with this treatment. After a few weeks, I got a mail containing the details of the complete treatment plan along with the number of days and the approximate cost of treatment. I also talked with the doctor who explained to me that the stem cell treatment aims to regenerate the damaged and lost muscles and help prevent further complications. After discussing it with my family, I decided to fly down to India. They helped me with the visa procedures and also assisted me with lodging and food arrangements.

I and my wife reached India and we were escorted to a hotel. The next morning, we met the doctor at the hospital. He was a kind person and a true professional who cleared all my worries before the treatment. The hospital staff was quite friendly, caring and compassionate. I underwent the stem cell treatment that went well. I am still recovering and trying to get back my strength. Its been an amazing experience getting my treatment arranged through this medical group in India. I am impressed with the high-quality services and care I received here and would recommend you to anyone wanting a cost-effective treatment in India

Martin Anakula, Kenya

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