Stem cell therapy for Als in india

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease Charcot disease or motor neuron disease affects mainly nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord it is a progressive disease in which the functioning of motor neuron is altered by the degeneration of neuron.

Neurons give impulse or signal to the target muscle to do work in ALS the signaling is not occur due to this the voluntary activity such as walking, movement, etc is very difficult to do. This is progressive disease in which if not treated the results can be fatal the average patients life is 4-5 years in rare cases the lifespan is even 7 years the patient’s life is very difficult if not treated patients may also become paralyzed weakness also affects the daily activity like chewing, walking ,swallowing , standing. But thanks to advancement in medical technology the stem cell therapy emerged as a boon for treatment of ALS because conventional methods for treatment of ALS are not that much safe as Stem cell therapy because stem cell therapy includes the introduction of stem cell in the patient’s body to stimulate the neurogenesis ( regeneration of affected portion of the brain ).


  • Difficulty in walking and doing normal activity
  • Muscle pain
  • Pathological reflexes
  • Respiratory malfunction
  • Depression
  • Uncontrolled movement such as laugh and cry etc
  • Slurring in speech
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Weakness in hand and grip
  • Clumsiness
  • Weakness in legs and muscular uncontrollability
  • Fibrillation


There have been a quick growth of stem cell therapies in India and is not being very much overambitious in order to believe, which in India and the world that could one day in order to replace the costly and painstakingly protracted and very much routinely infective traditional therapies for things like treating a number of multitude of a chronic disorder and acute problems. In other words, the stem cells can be called the “force of nature” which is responsible for healing the wounds, organ growth and repair of various issues in the patient. This is not all, as you can find adding up the rejuvenating effects that can be known as the “real” fountain of youth. However, when it comes to reaping the best benefits of the stem cell therapy, there is no dearth for the same, which can be enjoyed here in this country.


Stem cells are known to have many uses in treatment of ALS because the stem cell stimulates the growth and neurogenesis that causes the replacement of degenerated neurons to a new fully functional neuron

The new neuron is successful in nervous signaling and impulse generation which is the function of neuron. Stem cell therapy reverse the damage caused to the neurons due to deposition of protein flake or external shocks in many cases genetic mutation is responsible for such condition .through our disciplinary team in stem cell therapy India we are giving our best pre and post operative care for patients to improve the results of therapy. The pre operative care includes the counseling of patient to be mentally prepared for the therapy and post operative care includes counseling and guidance session with our best doctors for better outcome of therapy.


You will enjoy life more then before after the therapy because you see noticeable changes in your energy level and the stiff joint pains have gone you will see improved controls on your body parts and muscles

In total there were 25 patients to be diagnosed to have ALS they undergone stem cell Treatment at stem cell therapy India many of them have reported noticeable relief from the fatigue, muscle cramp, slurring of speech etc. almost all of them reported that now they have good control over sleep disturbance , mood swings, constipation etc,


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