Abdul Ahmed

Scoliosis Patient from Iraq

Stem Cell Treatment for Scolerosis

I am Ahmed and I am sincerely grateful to the medical service consultant in India for treating my daughter Saima’s scoliosis. She was 9 when the doctor diagnosed a 56 percent curvature and he advised that she needed to get a back surgery. We both were so scared and she had been crying so hard. We both went home and I started googling about a better and affordable treatment for her condition and came across the Indian medical health care consultant who informed us about stem cell therapy. I go in touch with them and they were so helpful and friendly. I also got to have a discussion with a doctor at the other end of the phone, who made me understand my kid’s condition and the therapy. Soon the executive of the Indian Healthcare consultant contacted us back and helped us with arranging the medical visas, food, and accommodation.

We arrived in India and they whisked us straight into the hospital room. They made us both feel comfortable and took her x-rays and blood work. She had to stay in the hospital for about five days. The doctor, nurses and everyone at the hospital in India were awesome. The hospital room was clean and the medical services and care were excellent. The surgeon visited us every day and asked Saima about her condition. Everyone was so friendly and caring. My daughter was able to walk properly eight weeks after therapy. I would recommend anyone needing stem cell therapy for scoliosis treatment for their kid to visit India for the treatment.

Abdul Ahmed, Iraq

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