Stem cell therapy for autism

Stem cell therapy for autism


Autism is sum of developmental disorder in which the largely affected portion is abnormalities in communication and social interaction the reason for these abnormalities are found to be decline in oxygen supply to a specific part of brain or auto immune diseases such as inflammatory condition of gut. Scientists have found that genetic factor is also associated with it.

Doctors have found that the sign and symptoms starts appearing at the age of 3 which are characterized as weak social interaction and impaired verbal communication and indulgence in repetitive behavior All the functions of body is controlled by the neurons which is back bone of nervous system the neurons give signals to the whole body. Like a network the nervous system is expanded all over the body to communicate with the body parts and make co-ordination between the body and brain the brain gives signals to the body parts through the neurons the impulses travel to the target body parts the neuron is covered by insulating material called Glial Cells these cells protects the neurons from trauma when these cells degenerate or die the neuron is exposed and vulnerable to the outer trauma which hamper the functioning of the neuron. These cells can degenerate or die due to factors such as the decreased oxygen supply to these cells or the external trauma in many cases the genetic factors are involved.


  • Impaired verbal communication and problems in understanding language.
  • Difficulty in communication even when the child has ability to speak.
  • Children find it difficult to make friends and prefer to play alone.


Stem cells are known to have the function of neurogenesis which means the repair and regeneration of neurons due to which the stem cell therapy is preferred by the doctors to treat children with autism. The infusion of stem cells improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain (improved perfusion), it also replaces damaged neurons and stimulates formation of the new blood vessels . it also speed up brain function through improvement of synaptic signaling and development of the new neuronal connections. With the doctors approval the sourceis decided from which stem cells are to be collected.patient can be prescribed, stem cells isolation from Bone Marrow or Adipose Tissue, as these cells are the most close Autologous sources available in the body. However, in certain cases, both cells can be utilized for a better outcome. Doctors can also suggest stem cells stimulation therapy for some of the patients, depending upon the case and requirement.


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