stem cell therapy for cardiovascular in india

What is Cardiovascular Diseases ?

Chest pain, tingling of arms, shortness of breath, tiredness in a daily activity like running and playing all are the signs that your heart may be affected by cardiovascular diseases. cardiovascular diseases are like the shed in which the number of diseases is associated with the heart malfunctioning like high blood pressure, hypertension, chest pain, numbness, shortness of breath, decreased stamina are all the diseases associated with the cardiovascular diseases.

Our heart is the strongest muscular organ in the body the heart is always pumping blood causing the heart to work all the time. The heart needs oxygen and blood supply to work continuously nonstop. A heart attack usually occurs when a blood clot blocks blood flow to the heart. The clot formed by deposition of the calcium flakes or the fatty tissue deposition.

Due to the invention of stem cell therapy is now very easy to get rid of cardiovascular diseases without the involvement of surgery and cut stem cell stops the damage caused by deposition of flakes and fatty deposit and also reverse the damage caused by them. Since the stem cells can be developed into any cell of the body in vitro these cells are developed as the new heart cells and easily replaces the damaged or died cells.

Stem Cell Therapy For Cardiovascular Disorders

Symptoms Of Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Chest pain
  • Shortened breath
  • Or breathlessness
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Upper body discomfort
  • Severe pain starting from the chest to arms

Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases By The Stem Cell Therapy

stem cells are introduced in the patient’s body intravenously after specifying the required stem cells. stem cells then differentiate into the cardiac muscle cells and replaces the damaged and degenerated cardiac muscle cells in this way the damage caused by the lack of oxygen supply and the blood supply are reversed and the clogged portion of the blood vessels are slowly cleared due to action of stem cells therefore now there is no hampering in the functioning of heart. After the procedure, the patients are observed in observation facility and then the patients will themselves notice that their chest pain is gone and their breathing is now normal and the noticeable changes include that now there is no difficulty in a daily activity like running and climbing stairs. RESULTS AFTER THE TREATMENT

Results After The Treatment

The majority of patients treated by our stem cell therapy program at the stem cell therapy India have reported having no chest pain at all and now there is no shortness of breath also there is a noticeable increase in the stamina. Emotional stability is one of the factors appeared after the stem cell therapy the total no. of 46 patients with heart complications have administered the stem cell therapy by our doctors they were put on observation by our team of doctors nearly 95% of them have successfully shown improvement in the condition of cardiovascular diseases almost all of them have reported having no chest pain at all .


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