Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a big problem faced by the men and women of all ages. But hair loss is a natural process some people may lose it in early ages. It is a sign of premature ageing hair loss can be caused by many reasons including genetic and hereditary factor, poor nutrition hormonal imbalance, infectious diseases and pregnancy are some of the factors which can cause the hair loss problem or alopecia.

Hair is made up of protein called keratin. This protein is produced in the hair follicles. When new cell develops in the scalp the older cells are then pushed to the outside thus causing hair growth. The hair is actually a string of dead keratin proteins and they are controlled by the new strand of protein being built in the scalp the whole process is controlled by the hair follicle and the process of hair growth and development can be affected by the many condition like temperature, age, infections, and many other factorsIf you are losing your hair at a rapid pace you need to take action to stop it.

With more and more people looking for natural and long lasting solutions for baldness, the demand for hair transplant has increased tremendously.


  • Thinning of hair
  • Excessive loss of hair
  • Receding in hairline
  • Exposed scalp region showing the horseshoe pattern
  • Unusual loss of hair on the body parts such as eye brows and lashes.


There are mainly three types of treatment for the hair loss or alopecia


    The hair transplant treatment done at the stem cell therapy India can give you the look what you look like at your best age. It also give you confidence and young looks. We have panel of best doctors available in India equipped with advanced technologies to give you a satisfactory and successful result. Stem cell therapy India takes pride of treating many successful businessman, celebs and many popular personality including politicians and sportsman.

    Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery done to repair the hair loss and give back the confidence of having full head hair it lifts the look of the person. The hair transplant is a surgical process in which the hair follicle from the donor site is taken and transplanted in the affected area. In general cases the hair follicle is taken from the back portion of the head as the hair follicles from the back of head are resistant to the baldness. When transplanted the hair follicles grow like a normal hair and can be combed and shampooed and it can also be styled in any direction it can also be shaved it even grows back after shaving. This surgery is the most effective and successful surgery for the hair transplant it provides permanent solution for the baldness and it provides uniform distribution, low maintenance, and cost effective. This cosmetic surgery is helping people by changing their lives by making them look younger it is permanent solution for people to look young , and attractive like their youth age


    Platelet-Rich plasma therapy or (PRP) hair repair therapy for younger and natural looks of hair with absolute result . in this therapy the patients own Platelet Rich Plasma injected in the bald area with the help of needle. This Platelet Rich Plasma contains growth factors responsible for the hair growth and then the growth factor do their work by increasing the hair growth by secreting the enzymes and hormones required for the hair growth in this way the hair follicles sprouts into the hair and this therapy is done when the affected area is not enriched with the nutrients requires for the hair growth.

    This treatment increases the blood supply to the affected area and the nutrients are supplied to the affected area by increasing blood and nutrient supply to the follicle the hair follicles are then do their job by increasing the hair growth. This treatment have the results as per the clients wish we also have tailor made hair rescue therapy in which we can customize the hair growth.


    Stem cell therapy India have dedicated a batch of doctors for the hair repair and rejuvenation purpose with the help of stem cell therapy and they assure you that you will get the best possible results after the stem cell therapy for the treatment of hair loss or the alopecia. The specific stem cell that are required for the treatment are injected into patients body then the stem cell finds the way to the follicular region where the died or shrunk hair follicle are situated and they are died or degenerated by the process of ageing. The stem cells then signals the neighboring follicles to secret the growth factors they stimulates the hair growth. The stem cell therapy improves the quality of hair for over all region and also very helpful in the repair of balded are and giving quality hair and natural good looks to the patients.


    • Stem cell therapy improves the natural looks of hair.
    • The hair quality is improved .
    • Hair quantity is also increased noticeably.
    • Shine of dull hair is recovered.
    • Improved hairline
    • Improved scalp conditions.


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