Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a group of one of the most destructive birth defects known to have property for initiating destructive muscular atrophies and loss of muscle. Muscular problems starts to appear before the age of 6, in which the muscles of body starts degenerating one by one. This degeneration makes the patient weak as time goes the patient’s health starts deteriorating. It is progressive and fatal disease in which its intensity increases with time. Ultimately reaching the muscles of heart and lungs leading to the death of patient. This disease is mainly caused due to the lack of dystrophin protein , this is mainly genetic defect hereditary of the parents. Males are more likely to suffer from the muscular dystrophy syndrome. Symptoms of muscular dystrophy :

  • Muscle weakness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Mental instability and retardation.
  • Difficulty in voluntary activity like walking, running, jumping.
  • Frequent falling .
  • Difficulty in getting up from sitting or laying position.
  • Limitation in the motion.
  • Difficulty progress with the time.

Till now the only method for the relief for the muscular dystrophy patients is using orthopedic appliances such as the wheel chair and braces.

Physical training and physiotherapy are used to stretch the muscles for the pain relief drugs are administered to the patients but all these methods does not give the permanent and satisfactory results as the stem cell therapy gives the effective results.

The recent technological advancement in the stem cell therapy has built a new program for treating neuromuscular disorders like muscular dystrophy; the success rate of this therapy quite appreciated by experts all over. Stem cells are having property to differentiate into any cell of the body. Therefore, in case of muscular dystrophy ; with proper research administration, implementation at the targeted site they can be used to build muscle fiber cells and also they can reduce the inflammation slowing down the process of further deterioration.


Stem cell therapy India takes pride in treating patients with life threatening diseases with the help of stem cell therapy. The treatment begins with pre treatment assessment which include following procedure.

  • Checking patient’s medical history.
  • Blood tests.
  • Infection testing
  • Physical examination
  • Aldolase, AST, LDH
  • Myoglobin and creatinine level testing
  • X-ray

After all the test the doctors then decides the further procedure and the final decision is taken by the patient therefore after the patients nod the further process is to be continue .

Specific amount of stem cell is taken from the selected source after isolation the stem cells are then sent to laboratory for specification and after the specific selection of the stem cells they are sent back to the hospital for inoculation in the patient’s body.

The entire therapy is done with the help of local anesthesia the entire therapy takes around 5-6 hours. After which the patients are taken in the observation facility. The expert doctors will monitor the patient’s response to the therapy. Out of 1200 cases 60% to 70 % cases the patients responded well therefore the doctors are advising the stem cell therapy for better results in the treatment of muscular dystrophy.


The strength and power are back to the normal and the muscle action is improved after the therapy. Due to regeneration of the muscle fiber the size of muscle is back to the normal and the normal functioning is back.


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