46-Year-Old Stroke Patient From The USA Underwent Successful Stem Cell Treatment In India

Mr Christian Smith from USA Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke


My name is Christian Smith, I am 46 years old from Westchester, New York, United States. When I was 16-year old I had a surgery which resulted in Hemaeporosis on my left side. I lived with this condition for many years and after years of research I found out about Stem Cell Therapy. I wanted to go for a completely safe and non-invasive treatment option and that’s why I choose Stem Cell Treatment. I wanted to go for this treatment to see if I can stop the progression of my condition and possibly prevent future neurological issues as you get older.

Keeping all the above concerns in mind, I approached this Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India. I got impressed with their instant response and detailed answers to my queries and concerns. I communicated with the team and the way they responded and provided me with all the details about the treatment, how it will be done, what all I can expect after it? Definitely boosted my confidence to go ahead for my treatment with this facility.

I arrived in India after they helped me with Visa and Logistic support and the hospital was very excellent with all good facilities and pure hygiene. The nursing staff, the doctors, the facilities and the whole team was very experienced and co-operative which made me feel like I was not far away from my home.

The first day, I had a consultation with the treating doctor and after a detailed investigation and evaluation, my treatment was planned for the next day. Next day, I underwent the successful stem cell therapy in India for Stroke and as expected everything went well.

I would definitely recommend this facility for the Best Stem Cell Treatment in India. They are very courteous and co-operative. They inform you everything that you need to know in order to get a treatment done far away from home and they are always helpful and very professional towards their services.


Christian Smith, USA

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