what are stem cells?

what are stem cells

Stem cells can be called as special cells having an amazing power that helps in transforming into tissue/organ in the human body. It is owing to these special powers, which they have the potential in order to treat more than 80 life-threatening a number of disorders and diseases found in the human body. Though there is a number of kids of stem cells, which exists in the human body, the stem cell therapy that helps in employing of two key kinds called Hematopoietic Stem Cells or HSC and Mesenchymal Stem Cells or MSC. One of the good things about the idea of stem cells is that these can be easily extracted from a wide range of sources including umbilical cord, embryo, cord blood, bone marrow, placenta, and teeth to name a few. One of the most popular sources for the stem cells like deciduas and chorion, amniotic fluid and amniotic sac can help you in the treatment of a number of issues. Here you get one of the best deals pertaining to stem cells treatment, get in touch with us to find the best offers pertaining to this procedure to get the best packages.

The Benefits Of Stem Cells

When it comes to stem cells treatment there are loads of benefits, some of these areas under, let’s check them out:

  • These are known for being non-toxic and devoid of side effects as compared to the other toxic drug counterparts.
  • Their use for therapeutic purposes, which can help in reducing the lower treatment costs and thus render longer lives
  • The stem cell therapy simply addresses a solution for both better treatment options for giving longer life that come along with the reduced amount of rates.

How do Stem Cells work?

The option of stem cells simply works for treating a wide range of ailments that are seen getting increasingly evident. This simply lies over their extremely flexible nature owing to which they can be effortlessly be divided and renew the same and thus make the form of desired cells or tissues. The following are some of the unique features of stem cells, which make them the perfect option for treating a wide range of disorders or ailments:

Plasticity: The stem cells can help in employing one of the tissues and thus create on different types of cells of the entirely different kinds of tissues.

Homing: These are known to have a unique kind of capability to get things attracted to the injury.

Engraftment: This property simply helps the treatment option to unite with the new tissue, thus helps in regenerating the tissue to blend with the parent tissue smoothly.

types of stem cells

When it comes to the types of stem cells, there exists a number of types in the human body. So, depending upon the ailment needed to be treated, the following are the three types, which can be used:

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC): These cells are often found in the bone marrow but at the same time it is found in the peripheral blood, cord blood and other parts of the body. All these cells are termed as hematopoietic or blood forming by nature. Hence, these can generally give the rise to the blood that is seen forming the cells like the red blood cells and white blood cells along with other.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC): These can be called as the bone marrow populating cells, which is regarded as the different kin from HSC, which are often found in the stroma. They have the capability to differentiate into various kinds of cell types that include osteocytes (bone), chondrocytes (cartilage), myocytes (muscle), adipocytes (fat), cardiomyocytes (cardiac muscle) and a number of neurons (nerves) and the blood vessels, and thus it plays an important role in their regeneration as and when required.

Pluripotent stem cells (PSC): These are stem cells, which are known to have the abilities of both Hematopoietic & Mesenchymal cells. Hence, these are capable of differentiating a number of types of tissues found in the body.

The Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

The Autologous can be called as the option when you have a donor and receiver to be the same person. One of the most wanted liked umbilical cord banking, the stem cells are then gained from anyone that is known to have processed and Cyro stored for transplantation in the coming future. This has simply obtained loads of procedure in all the major cities of India in the recent past decades. Indian hospitals and medical centers catering the stem cell transplant and other procedures working on this treatment options are highly advanced and rank higher in catering high quality and affordable healthcare services. The doctors and medical experts dealing with stem cell surgeries are par in terms of experience, expertise, and knowledge, which will allow them to not just give quality healthcare services for a number of ailments and health conditions but at the same time with greater and effective results, which are par with the ones found in the developed nations of the US and UK. This gives reasons to the global patients to go for the stem cell treatment options in India. After they are getting high quality and affordable stem cell treatment solutions, which is a unique blend for them.

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