Spine Injury Patient from Nigeria

Stem Cell Treatment for Spine Injury

Hi, I am Chioma from Nigeria. I want to thank this medical consultant for the high-quality treatment and valuable care I received during my medical trip in India.

I had been in a car crash that damaged my spine. It left me with no sensation from the chest down. In the confusion and emotion of those first few days, my family thought the treatment would fix my condition. It was never the goal. I used to feel leg weakness, urinary incontinence, bowel dysfunction neurological affectation like dementia with altered sensation. Just days, after learning from my doctor. I am suffering from Paraparesis, my sister started searching for a proper treatment.

She searched various hospitals in the US, but the treatment cost was too expensive. Then she came across one of her friend who referred us to this medical consultant as his father went to India for his treatment through them. We approached this consultant and send them a query regarding my condition. They promptly replied back and asked for my medical reports. After which they send us few treatment plan options from three Stem Cell Centres in India. They explained the risks with this decision to visit India for the treatment. They also cleared our doubts on Stem Cell Therapy. They informed us that Stem Cell treatment in Spinal cord injury focuses on repairing damaged tissues function to improve patient's quality of life.

We decided to undergo the Stem Cell treatment in India as it was one of the best treatment option available for my condition and we gave them our confirmation to fly down to India. An official welcomed us at the airport and took us to the hospital. We met the doctor who was to perform the treatment. He was a kind person and I was impressed with the way he studied my case. He made us feel comfortable. He cleared all our doubts and worries before the treatment.

The stem cells were transplanted into my spine and my treatment went well. The hospital staff was amazing and took care of all my needs. I got this treatment three years ago and was undergoing an intensive physical therapy program to increase my strength. Now I've learned how to make life work as it really gave me a new ray of hope to hold on to. I am grateful to my sister for being with me always, the surgeons, nurses and the team of medical consultants for their support, love, and care

Chioma Chukwu, Nigeria

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