22-year-old New Zealand Patient opted Stem Cell Therapy for Paraplegia in India


My younger Sister aged 22 years was involved in a car accident 18 months back that caused her some heavy spinal injuries and she became paraplegic and used to be in persistent pain. I consulted many spine surgeons and hospitals in various countries about her condition. However, she had already undergone 3 surgeries in 9 months, most of the hospitals advised that there is no further surgery that can be done to treat her condition. We were really scared at first as she was already in pain and we did not want to take any further risks, then one day I came across Stem Cell Therapy for Paraplegia which a new treatment modality that can give a hope of life to Paraplegic patients. So after a brief discussion amongst the family, I searched on the internet for an economical place to try this treatment as we had already spent a lot of money on her previous surgeries. Then I found Stem Cell Therapy Center, India who assured that they can help our family and my sister. So, after a long discussion over the course of a couple of weeks and research from my end, we finally decided to try this stem cell therapy and went to India. I must say that the whole team of Stem Cell Therapy Center, India was really supportive and understood our concerns and made sure that we were completely satisfied and convinced about the procedure. In fact, the cost of stem cell therapy was so nominal that we became surer that they are suggesting the procedure as a fair mean and not only to mint money. 6 months has been passed today after her stem cell therapy in India and now we are observing the continuous improvement in her condition as she can now sense and move her lower body which was paralysed and her bowel and bladder control is also improved significantly. Thank you Stem Cell Therapy Center, India for giving a new hope of life to my sister and my whole family.

Mr. Solomon Baker, New Zealand

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