Sudan Son’s Gets New Lease Life After Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment in India

Peter from Sudan

I am a father of 3 children. My younger son Peter when he turned 15 months old seemed not active considering his age group and this made us worried. So we consulted many doctors and hospitals in Sudan and they informed us that my son is suffering from a chronic disorder as Cerebral Palsy. Many doctors informed us that there is no treatment available for this disease and only occupational therapy can help the kid, however, I didn’t lose the hope in God and medical technology and started much research over the internet looking for the treatment for my kid and one day I came to know about the stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy. As this treatment was very expensive in many European countries, I started looking for an economical option and for God’s grace I found Stem Cell Therapy Centre, India. I contacted them and the team of stem cell specialists cleared our all doubts and concerns related to the stem cell therapy for my son and considering all the aspects of the treatment including the cost and logistic expenses, we finally made our decision to come to India at Stem Cell Therapy Centre, India for the therapy. The whole staff of this center was generous enough to assist us in every step of the treatment and the doctors and stem cell specialists were experienced and professional enough to explain us about the treatment what improvements we can expect after it. It’s been almost 8 months since the stem cell treatment and my kid is still improving and we can observe the results and improvements in condition. His mental vigilance and motor function have been improved a lot along with his speech and balance. I am very happy that I choose Stem Cell Therapy Centre, India for my Son’s Stem Cell Therapy in India for Cerebral Palsy.

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