USA Boy Underwent Successful Stem Cell Treatment Cerebral Palsy in India

2-year-old Mexican baby boy

When Antonia was 14 months old, we found out that he is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. While in the USA, we searched on the Internet for reliable treatments for him and found out about Stem Cell Therapy in India. We approached this center about the Stem Cell Therapy in India for Cerebral Palsy for our son with all the questions and concerns in our mind and they handled us and all queries so professionally and politely that within 7 days of connection and timely conversation, we arrived in India for our boy’s treatment.

Even after the arrival, the team of their stem cell doctors first explained to us everything about the procedure, impact and the Success Rate Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy. Their expertise and knowledge about what they are going to perform boosted our confidence in going ahead with the treatment and we give them a nod to proceed with the procedure.

By God’s grace, the procedure went well and they even provided our boy with occupational therapies, speech therapies, physiotherapies and ozone therapies. It’s been 6 months post-treatment and we can see the positive results in our child condition. He is doing way better after the treatment considering his previous health and we are very happy with our decision to choose this center as our child’s Best Stem Cell Clinic in India for Cerebral Palsy.

I am recommending this center to everyone who is looking for the Affordable Stem Cell Therapy in India for Cerebral Palsy. They are well versed in their field of Best Stem Cell Treatment in India.


Miguel Pedro, USA

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