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Why Bangladeshi Patients Prefer India for Kidney Failure Treatment?

One of the biggest reasons to consider Kidney Failure Treatment for Bangladesh Patients in India is that you get highly affordable treatment options. When it comes to the surgery cost, we often hear a lot about Indian hospitals as they attract global patients, particularly those from surrounding nations like Bangladesh. When you compare it with the developed nations like the US and the UK, India has its USP – getting high-quality healthcare solutions at affordable cost. Generally, the cost for the surgery for treatment is much lower. This is true when you compare countries like the UK and the US. However, with low cost, you always get high quality somewhere close to the ones we found in nations like the US and the UK. The other costs like travel, stay and food also remain low in India, allowing the surrounding nation's patients to plan their treatment in India and not go for Kidney Disease Treatment in Bangladesh.

In Which Stage Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease Work?

The following table shows where end-stage stem cell treatment of kidney disease works. A stage 5 patient is called an end-stage patient or a patient with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Note: Blood Test for eGFR - It's a measure of how well your kidneys are working now.
Stage Description eGFR Test
1 Slight Kidney Damage eGFR of 90 or greater
2 Mild Kidney Damage 60-89
3 Moderate Kidney Damage 30-59
4 Severe Kidney Damage 15-29
5 Kidney Failure Disease or CKD Less than 15

Why India is the best country for Kidney Disease Treatment?

Before we talk about the Kidney Disease Treatment in Bangladesh options, we need to understand what this ailment is really about and how it will hamper the world. Several diseases and ailments are found with Kidney, including the stone and many more issues. According to reports, many adults are the victims of urology issues, and half of the population is kids that go to millions. The only solutions that come in the form of Kidney Failure Treatment for Bangladesh Patients in India would depend upon the kind of expertise given to the patient by the doctor and the quality of healthcare services implemented with it. With the top surgeons and doctors, the treatment is done at the top hospital, the chances of complications are less, and thus the success rate remains higher. In most cases, the success rate is more than 95 per cent, which is a decent figure allowing more and more global patients to plan their surgeries in this country. Best Country for Stem Cell Therapy Center has always been at the cutting edge of meeting these pre-requisites and has become the most ideal stem cell provider for patients in Bangladesh.

  1. Simple booking process coming to India
  2. Fraction in Cost what it is in UK, USA, Singapore or Canada
  3. World’s highest standards of clinical care, safety and surgical approaches
  4. Certified stem cells transplant center
  5. Quick and effective treatment with much lower waiting periods
  6. Complete international patient support service – 24/7 service
  7. Doctor consultations, scans, clinical investigations at short time
  8. High quality treatment delivery of our facilities
  9. Deliver a zero risk and safe environment all the time
  10. Maintaining the finest standards of clinical care and treatment

What Is Kidney Stem Cell Therapy Cost In Bangladesh?

Get stem cell treatment for Bangladesh patients at really low prices in India. The cost frequently includes travel, visa, medical conditions, recovery time, post-operative care, and local accommodation. In this way, you can find that visiting Indian stem cell treatment hospitals and centres is a reasonable deal here.

Condition Bangladesh India USA Bangkok
Stage 2 CKD $12,000 - $14,000 $6500 - $8500 $18,000 - $20,000 $15,000 - $18,000
Stage 3 CKD $16,000 - $18,000 $5000 - $8000 $24,000 - $26,000 $22,000 - $25,000
Stage 4 CKD $12,000 - $14,000 $6500 - $8800 $20,000 - $22,000 $21,000 - $23,000
Stage 5 CKD $18,000 - $20,000 $5000 - $8200 $25,000 - $30,000 $20,000 - $26,000

Recovered Cases of Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment

Hi, my name is Suleman Rahman Rashid; I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My life was excellent till I started getting issues with kidney ailments. Soon, I had to consult the doctor, and he suggested that I undergo surgery. However, BD happens to be a place with limited health care services, so I thought of getting the solution in India. Getting the same with high quality was only possible for Kidney Failure Treatment for Bangladesh Patients in India. I have heard about the positive stories of global patients who plan their visits to this place. However, how to plan surgery in a country I have never visited. Soon I came up with the solution of relying on medical tourism companies. I took the help of one, and they helped me get the best treatment in India and take care of the other aspects like a hospital, doctor, food, local travel, medical test, help, and many more things. After the treatment, I am hale and hearty, thanks to the best doctors and hospital.

Advantages of Choosing Stem Cell Therapy Center India

If you wonder where should carry out the Kidney Failure Treatment for Bangladesh Patients, then India is the best place. First, you get the best doctors found in top hospitals with the right expertise and experience in catering to this area. The next significant benefit you get here is the best quality services and facilities at the most affordable cost. The presence of top doctors and surgeons known for their higher success rates have turned the table around for me. All these factors have allowed the global patients from countries like BD to plan their kidney disease treatment. Following are the complimentary services from Stem Cell Therapy Center India for Bangladeshi Patients.


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